Wedding Enquiries

We would be pleased to receive your enquiries about the possibility of celebrating your marriage at Monash Uniting Church.

Please remember to make sure the date and time of your wedding ceremony is confirmed prior to finalising arrangements for the reception.

The Christian celebration of marriage is an act of worship, an expression of the Church’s offering of the whole of life to God. It is a pastoral occasion in which the community of faith shares in the joy of bridegroom and bride; it is an evangelical occasion in which all those who have come to witness the marriage may be challenged by the implications of the Christian faith.

Normally a marriage is celebrated in a church building.
In some circumstances, at the discretion of the minister, a marriage may be celebrated in a place other than a church.

Care should be taken that the suggested venue will not detract from the solemnity of the occasion.

Please contact us below.

Mr Richard & Mrs Margaret Farrell
Phone: 03 9802 5555